Site Scale Module

The site scale tool features all the components of the full scale tool, but has been designed for selecting and design a stormwater control measure for an individual site.  The site-scale tool work flow includes:

  • Hydrology module
  • SCM Selection module
  • Water quality module
  • Sizing module
  • Cost module

The Hydrology Module:

  • Simulates land surface runoff
  • Generations a runoff depth and hydrograph
  • Event or continuous simulation
  • Includes multiple routines for simulating infiltration and evapotranspiration

SCM Selection Module:

  • Select a SCM based on the pollutants in the watershed’s land use and region
  • Leverages a database of performance to choose the SCM with the best pollutant removal
  • Preliminary cost estimate determines which SCMs are infeasible
  • User-weighted decision criteria helps you choose the final SCM that is best for your site

Water Quality Module:

  • Determines treatment within SCM based on the design
  • Explicitly models physical treatment processes (settling, decay, etc.)
  • Uses different routines for each pollutant
  • Separate algorithms for infiltration and storage-based SCMs

Sizing Module:

  • Uses hydrologic and water quality criteria to size BMPs to reach specified management goals
  • Size storage-based BMPs for peak flow reductions
  • Size infiltration-based BMPs for volume reductions
  • Water quality goals…

Cost module:

  • Quantifies capital and life cycle costs of each SCM using cost curves
  • Costs vary with SCM volume
  • Life cycle components include construction, land acquisition, operation and maintenance, rehabilitation, and administration
  • Includes regional adjustment factors